Technology Solutions

Protect. Prevent. Plan.

Managing big data… cloud-based backups… having both mobility and security… these issues have all taken on new meanings and importance in recent years, and will be increasingly important in the near future. The bottom line for you… WE CAN HELP!

Network Assessment

Our team of professionals will help you evaluate and optimize your systems. After all, a second opinion never hurts – especially with this ever-changing landscape. We believe you will see a big difference with how we put your needs first.

We’ll cover issues like

  • Network design and implementation
  • Cloud solutions
  • Disaster recovery
  • IT site assessment and technology roadmap
  • Business continuity planning
  • Network discovery
  • Managed services

The bottom line for you… WE CAN HELP!


As the business world moves to more online everyday, so do your administrative challenges. Operational stability and performance has become increasingly important, and you need a trusted partner to keep up-to-date and even ahead of the curve. We support a variety of document management options, cost recovery solutions, user tracking systems, and security plans. The bottom line for you… WE CAN HELP!


Cornerstone Technologies offers easy-to-use workflow solutions that track a document’s progress through the appropriate channels, creating a consistent, efficient system. We can provide you the very best stand-alone printers, multi-functional copiers, interactive whiteboards and hardware to support your network. As a result, our solutions reduce your printing costs, improve your data security, and provide you with real-time remote monitoring. The bottom line for you… WE CAN HELP!