Setup Data Backups in Kalamazoo

If it has been more than 6 months since configuring or validating your data backup and processes now is the perfect time to remove old complete data files and update your data backup procedure. Below are a few points to consider about your data and backups.

  • Quality of Data and Backup
    The value of a business’s data varies, based on its age and its content. However, one does not want to go to an old tape or hard drive to find that the data was corrupted.
  • Time to Restore Data
    Today’s businesses demand, and should expect, superior RTO (Recovery Time Objective) with their backup and continuity solution. With tape backups, the time to restore data can be hours, days, or even weeks. That’s an unacceptable RTO. Demand an RTO of minutes.
  • Cost
    True, physical tape and hard drives are cheap. But it’s hardly the only cost. When evaluating Total Cost of Ownership is also important to take other factors into account, for example, potential cost of failure and non-compliance fees, cost to recover data, cost to recreate data, and most important, lost revenue due to downtime.
  • Human Interaction
    The more human interaction a product requires, the greater chance there is for human error. Whether it’s the person charged with changing out the tape or taking them off-site for safekeeping, there’s a lot of room for error.
  • Frequency of Backups
    As a rule, backup procedures for tape backups are performed nightly. This allows for a complete backup of data while the business is not actively using any files. Many businesses require, or certainly feel more comfortable with, more frequent backups. It is recommended to schedule backups to be taken once every 1/2 hour.
  • Proof of Backup
    Just because a backup has been scheduled, does not mean it has been completed successfully. Tapes and hard drives cannot provide a snapshot of a successful backup. It’s imperative to demand your backup solution comes with Screenshot Backup Verification, which is an actual image of a successful backup, emailed directly to you.


If we still had tape backups when our Exchange Server crashed, what we would have had was tapes and nothing to restore it to.

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